We make clients not sale, we make engineers not candidates

Client Reviews

“Impressive Driver feedback for Solar Powered driver comfort package. (New concept piloted in Chennai in Dec 2016)”

– TATA Motors

“Great Update , it is an interesting observation and eagerly looking forward for the next run. Thank You” (IIT Madras Bio Incubator)

– Co-Founder, FIB SOL an

“The New Bio-gas Digester Is Performing Well”(EQuad prototype done at low cost and quick turnaround for IIT)

– MCRC Scientists

“Yes , Looking Good, The Droplets are uniform” (Prototyping test results of the Nozzle Module)

– Director, Ram-Nath & Co

Engineer’s Reviews

“EQuad made me realise my strengths and the methodology to approach a project. EQuad honed my modelling and sketching techniques because of which, I was able to crack the interview process with ease and got placed in a reputed company as a design engineer. If your a rookie and want to be industry ready, definitely EQuad is your destination..”

– Heppin Paul

“I was HR intern at EQuad engineering services for about 2 months, I feel very lucky and proud to be a part of this organisation. The workplace is pretty friendly and supportive.
I would strongly recommend EQuad to all the engineers out there. Thank you EQuad for everything, memories would be cherished forever.😁”

– Akshaya Panneerselvam

“Best platform for learning the fundamental principles of engineering and the working culture for freshers. I’ve learnt lot from Equad and proud to be an” #Equadian

– Mathan