Energy conservation is the true solution



Industries consume huge amounts of energy, Affordable Energy Accounting can empower companies manage energy consumption / spend effectively

EQuad’s EAE offers systematic guidance , evaluation and improvement- for energy savings both short & long term.
EQuad empowers the engineers who are currently working to help prepare energy master manual

EQuad guides in evolving a process – for continuous evaluation and improvement of energy usage.
This would involve measuring, analysis and improvement.



EQuad promotes Industries who are consumers of energy to take up energy accounting in pursuit of continuous improvement & earn sustained savings

There are bound to be specific energy related issues which would require expert help
We are neither a consultant to submit “corrective action reorts which are seldom implemented’ nor a “vendor driven input” privider to gain directly in this energy issue management

EQuad’s EMC offers systematic GAP Analysis, technically & commercially viable and implementable solutions.