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Internship is offered to students/ unemployed graduates, throughout the year.

We offer Three types of Internship

  • Paid Internship
  • Unpaid Internship
  • Paying Internship

Internship fee

Fees will be based on the subject knowledge/ aptitude/ attitude of the students.

  • The Intern will be paid a stipend if his/her subject knowledge/ aptitude/ attitude is good/above average (Paid Internship)
  • If it is average, he/she will not be paid (Unpaid Internship)
  • In all other cases, the Intern will have to pay for his/her training (Paying Internship)

However, employment to the tune of fee paid (six months stipend to cover the fee paid) is assured if they do not get a job outside.

A Certificate will be issued to all Interns, on successful completion of the Internship.