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EQuad's Engineering Services

Currently, engineering services are very expensive / not affordable to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  EQuad aims to provide cost effective and affordable Engineering services/ solutions to Industries, irrespective of their field - allowing them to concentrate on their core competence. EQuad hopes to fulfil all engineering needs and be an extended arm for the industry. 

The services offered by EQuad are grouped into three categories:                 

  • Non routine engineering
  • Product development
  • Automation

EQuad's engineering service is unique in many ways

  • Suitably customised for the industries, especially SMEs
  • Risk sharing wherever required
  • Fees to be paid will be affordable and will be linked to savings
  • Extended support/ Life-long service for continued benefit

Association of Industries with EQuad can result in many tangible and intangible advantages, including

  • Productivity improvement
  • Better planning
  • Cost savings