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India is poised to be a global manufacturing hub. Hence our manufacturing industries have opportunities which were never there in the past. Low cost Automation is probably one of the best technique that can help in tapping fully this opportunity.

Automation is desirable for the manufacturing industries if

  1. Human effort does not produce the same quality repeatedly – and quality consistency is an important issue.
  2. The process involves too much of routine work, consumes lot of time, hampering scaling up - thus becoming a technology issue.

One of the hurdles faced by the Industries, for adopting automation, is high capital investment requirement. EQuad is committed to offer low cost automation for the industries. The automation solutions offered by EQuad would be a blend of human brain work, machine accuracy and repeatability. The automation contracts would have the hallmark of EQuad – which is the simple design and frugal engineering.

EQuad has already carried out few automation projects for the SMEs.