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Improving the ability and in turn the employability of Interns and Students is one of the main purpose of EQuad.

EQuad considers it important that they learn the application of whatever their level of knowledge is.

While EQuad does not attempt to teach the “core engineering subjects” - the training in basics – and connecting these basics to practical application ensures that their ability to improve on their subject knowledge improves considerably.

Interns are allowed to work for a week – and by that time, their attitude, aptitude, goals and capabilities are assessed and analysed objectively.

They are then allowed to opt for training towards one or more of the 24 engineering professions identified.  The knowledge and skills mapped for the respective professions are matched with the present knowledge and skill – other than the subject. This enables one to identify the possible route to make them employable in the shortest time.

Those who opt to get trained in areas where they are not strong, would have to agree for a longer duration of training and also work on the area they could reach a minimum capability. This is to create a sense of realism to the intern that while one can have a long term ambition – they should be able to earn for the short term to sustain themselves.  This extension of time would be without additional fee, as a policy to encourage passion.

If, even after the extended time one is unable to master the area of their choice,  they would  be offered support lifelong, but would be encouraged to seek work in an area they are employable, while they can pursue their ambition.

It is important for the intern to reach a level of contribution, without which, they would be unemployable.

Educational Institutions and Employers are also encouraged to Register as EQuad believes that everyone can work together for mutual benefit.

The core philosophy of EQuad with all stake holders is "Create wealth and share it"