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Energy Accounting through Gap Identification & Analysis

EQuad’s “Energy Accounting” goes beyond just measuring energy consumption (Energy Counting). We measure the  energy consumption, comparing with estimated energy consumption, identify the “Energy Gaps”- difference between the actual and estimated consumption-, and do a detailed analysis of the Gaps ( gaps can be due to multiple reasons- meter errors, assumptions, formulae etc.)

EQuad's energy conservation services would proceed systematically through “Energy Accounting”, on the following lines

  • Gap identification and Analysis
  • Gap validation and identification of potential savings
  • Technical viability  for energy saving
  • Establishing economic/ commercial viability
  • Implementation
  • Measurement and verification

EQuad's Energy Conservation services would enable the client to select some gaps for more detailed investigation, would enable them to make cost effective investment in instrumentation by

a) Investing only where it makes financial sense to get more accurate data
b) Limiting the investment to a very small % of the energy consumption per year, and will enable the industries to reduce energy consumption and energy costs.