Students in the 2nd and 3rd year and even Engineering Graduates (Mechanical, Industrial, ECE, EEE, EIE, ICE)with 0-2 years experience can apply.
Students/Graduates who wish to work in core industry – this is the RIGHT step in the direction to be exposed to ways of working in the core industry sector (focusing on de-sign) All foreign universities or Indian institutes of repute prefer candidates who have relevant internship or project experience. This is often cited in the LOR – Letter of Recommendation. Candidates who excel in the EQuad training course are issued an LOR in addition to the certificate which adds immense value either in obtaining admission in universities and for having an edge in getting employment in the Industry
EQuad is an Industry that focuses on providing affordable engineering solutions to our industry partners. We are NOT a training institute. Neither are we a consultancy firm. Industrial Design is our FORTE. More about us on www.equadservices.in
A new batch commences every month. Contact +91-8637683534 on Whats App for more details!
Skill Course is for the duration of 6 Days between 10 am to 1 pm.
After the candidate takes the skill certified course, candidate is eligible to access SECO and EQuad group of companies for Industrial guidance to undertake Internship. Guidance will be provided by both young and experienced engineers who have 150+ combined years of experience in solving various engineering industrial problems.
* The skill course is chargeable at INR 5,900/= (all inclusive) * The Internship period – 2-9 weeks – is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE
If the candidate shows immense potential during the internship period – he/she becomes eligible for travel allowance / stipend payout ranging from INR 3000-7000 per month. The stipend payout is purely subject to candidate performance during the internship period.
One of the observations that EQuad has – is that students know theory but seldom know how to connect the dots while applying the same. The internship period is de-signed to ensure the candidate experiences the joy of seeing theory convert into practical design solutions for industrial problems / industrial modules. The internship period – also exposes the ways of real time industry functioning and problem solving.
Candidates in pre-final year or Final year who have taken the EQuad course are welcome to carry out their short December internship or Long Summer Internship or even their final year project at our industry premises. Industrial Guidance and support will be offered FREE of Charge for the same. However, the candidate SHOULD have attended our Skill Course and hold the EQuad certificate for the same. The Skill Course can also be taken while carrying out the Final Year Project or Before Internship
Image of the certificate is available in our website. Both Hard Copy i.e. actual certificate and a SOFT Copy of the certificate will be issued.
Candidates who excel in the EQuad training course are issued an LOR in addition to the certificate. LOR adds immense value either in obtaining admission in universities and for having an edge in getting employment in other core Industries
Candidates who excel in the EQuad training course are issued an LOR in addition to the certificate which adds immense value in the process of seeking admission in universities EQuad management has also written direct recommendation letters to universities citing the relevant industrial / project experience gained by the candidate during their period at EQuad
EQuad is an ENGINEERING DESIGN BASED COMPANY and not a training center or a HR consultancy. EQuad s mission in guiding and skilling engineering students / fresher’s comes from our managements passion in molding students into REAL engineers for the CORE Industry Hence, EQuad does NOT advertise of placement guarantee. However, EQuad takes pride in the fact that – most of our candidates have found admis-sion in reputed foreign universities or CORE industry jobs on their own merit attrib-uting the SUCCESS to the learning’s and experience at EQuad. Few of the many such success stories our listed in our website. More reviews and success stories are available on our social media handles If the student utilizes and take seriously training from EQuad and engages in sincere at-tempt during internship period – there is 100% enhanced employability since it would become MUCH easier for you face a potential employer during the interview process.
EQuad takes pride in the fact that – over 3000+ candidates have been trained by EQuad either directly or via institutional tie –ups. Senior management professionals across industries have indicated that they have recruited the candidates purely on the belief and trust in the ability of EQuad s training
Course fee of INR 5,900/= can be paid in 3 modes OPTION 1 - Via Cash –at EQuad Premises. Our Industry in located at No 14 , Bethel Na-gar Main Road Seevaram, Perungudi, Chennai 9 OPTION 2 - Via NEFT For NEFT - Our Banker's Name : Bank of Maharashtra. Sri Sai Subodaya 57/2 B Muttukadu Road, Valmiki Nagar Chennai - 600 041, Tamilnadu Bank Account No : 60223521423 IFS Code : MAHB0001206 OPTION 3 - Via GPay Number 9444759190 Irrespective of the mode of payment – Invoice, Joining / Admit Letter will be issued
You most welcome to reach EQuad on +91-8637683534 / +91-8637683532 / +91-9444759190
For Mech/Production /Aeronautics/ Automotive Engineering Departments – SMT 1- Industrial Design Visualisation and Conceptualisation For ECE/EEE/EIE/ICE Departments – SMT 2- Approach to Industrial Circuit Design SMT 3- Industrial Route to Micro Controller Programming For All - ECE / EE/ EIE/ICE/Mechatronics/Mechanical/Production/Automotive SMT 4- Robotics – Elements and Architecture