Concept Idea – commercialization

  • If you have an idea, which requires engineering AND all incubation support such as Admin, Space, Mentoring co-promoting – any combination of bouquet is possible.
This can be two different groups
1. A marketing/business idea, which requires mainly engineering, manufacturing help – with or without financial / admin support
  • Equad can provide engineering of development of product or process, set up manufacturing facility and hand hold till stable . Equad can continue as engineering partner.
  • Equad’s remuneration can be fully cash, part cash part equity or fully equity – all things negotiable on case to case basis.


2. An engineering product idea with passion and knowledge to lead the development
  • Equad can provide engineering support and allocate shares for the idea and engineering basic effort , find suitable partners / employees for other aspects of business – such as marketing, finance, HR etc.,
  • An equity commitment from the promoter would be expected while EQuad would get shares based on the contributions – and shares would also be allocated to other specific expert co-promoters.
  • Additional flexibility of continuity of business is established with EQuad having a say in the business.

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