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The 4 Es of EQuad

The Four Es of Equad stands for Engineering, Education, Energy & Entrepreneurship


In the present dynamic world, the technology and product requirements changes rapidly and cost effective engineering services is desirable to help the Industries, especially SMEs, for sustainability and growth.


Currently, there is a mismatch between our Educational system and the Industries manpower requirement. Practical Training on real-life problems is therefore needed to enhance the skill set and improve the employability of the students/ fresh engineers.


Energy conservation and cost-effective energy production is needed to meet the growing demand of energy. Energy conservation is often the most economical solution for energy issues and can be easily implemented by every company.

However, currently professional energy services is not readily available / is very expensive.

Entrepreneurship (Securepreneurship)

Entrepreneurship is a key driver of our economy. Small entrepreneurship has a high potential in a developing country like India.

EQuad is committed to promote entrepreneurship among the youth.